Life Update

It has been quite awhile since I  posted anything on this space. However, that does not mean I  have given up or loss interest in this community; I still check in as often as I can and it is quite the breaker I need after hectic days.

A lot has happen and during all these happenings I took the time to ensure that I was doing what was suppose to be done in the right manner. In saying that, between 2017-2018 I took the time to ensure that my GPA was popping. Indeed I am grateful that I did.  Shortly after finishing university, I made a decision to move away from the parish/place of birth and boy I tell you the transition did not happen as I expected.

Living in a new city can be daunting and even overwhelming at times. I move three times in less than a year ,whew ! The struggle was real. After overcoming two faulty spaces I can now say I am much more at peace and comfortable .

I also changed my job which leaves me little time after work to do a lot of things but I will not complain about that. All is good in that side of the wood. I love what I am doing and  wanted to be in this field for awhile now.

With that being said, I will make it my priority to post at least once a month because I really enjoy this community and it allows me the opportunity to learn vicariously.

In aspiring to fulfill your obligations in life and doing better for yourself and others, sometimes hurdles come and you have to sit out seasons. Now that I am in a space where I am mentally and physically more comfortable and has time I will do  more.

Thanks for reading and love always.


A day in Portland, Jamaica. 

The past weekend I gather up some of my best friends and we took a trip into Portland, Jamaica of course.  With no specific destination in mind; we travel along hoping to choose one of the many beautiful beaches the parish has to offer and relax for the day. Portland is just one of those scenenic and beautiful parish in Jamaica that you just can’t get enough off. 

We ended up visiting three places ; we stopped at the Winnifred Beach, Sea Cliff Resort /Cliff Hanger and the famous Reach Falls.  The day was perfect;  the weather was great, the sea was calm and most of all, everyone enjoyed themselves .

        Winnifred Beach

A bit difficult to get because of the road due to the recent rains, but once we got there we forget about the bad road. 

         Cliff Hanger Resort

Quintessential, this is just one word to describe this spot. This is my second time here, the place is quiet, the staff is lovely and the service was great. 

            Reach Falll

Breathtakingly beautiful, nature is it’s purest form. 

Us all

Learning to appreciate and enjoy the beautiful places in your country is everything. 

Until next time ,much love



My favorite color is yellow or so I have been telling myself; I like the way it look against my skin tone and for that reason I tend to stick to that color scheme a lot. This mustard blouse my friend made for me a few years back, I do not wear it much but I love it today just as when I first got it.  I really like out it allows me to glow as well as it complements my skin perfectly. 

What’s your favorite color?  

Thanks for stopping by. 


New Month – June 

The months are surely “speeding” by, it would appear as if  the year has just started, yet here we are in the middle of it . Now is the perfect time to evaluate and check those boxes of things we had set out to accomplish/ get done by this time. Realistically, some things might not have been done; don’t be dismay, there is still time as quitting is not an option. 



What would life be without moments and experiences shared with friends and families?  These moments are priceless and if captured well last a lifetime.

Visiting Logos hope: big ship sailing on the ocean, well not so much at this moment 🙂

football Sunday : This is one occasion that brings communities, families, friends, young and old together in support off their respective team.

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