I still remember you

For some people distance means a different country, a  different city, or a new town. To others it just not connecting with someone of something the way you use to because of a reason or various reasons.


Distance doesnt mean you dont remember, but it can mean we are on a different path presently working to fullfill out desires or making a life.

Distance is giving each other space to rejuvenate.

Distance means, I am not presently in your environment .

Distance means  I am away but i still remember you.


Distance does mean different things to different people but it doesnt mean that we forget.

Love always

Black and white

Life as it is; sometimes hectic, some times calm as the ocean and on those calm day you just be mindful of what you asked for.
James 1vs 6
“But when you ask, you must believe amd not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and toss by the wind”.

Be confident in whatever you aspire to do or be, never be of doubt and always be mindful that you can achieve if you believe.





Until next time, be confident, love each other and most importantly, love yourselves.


White lace

This past weekend will always be a reminder that each day is a gift; an opportunity to be better than the day before, to live, to love and enjoy every moment with friends and families.


I am so in love with this dress, its sexy in just revealing enough skin. Its the right kind of dress for the summer days and nights.
Didnt capture any picture with heels on hence the flats.


Sadly, these pictures were taken at the funeral service of someone i knew very well. Moments like these put things into perspective; we cant control every situation even when we are trained to do so, but what we can do is choose to live an exemplary life, fulfilling our purpose and doing what we can to serve others.



Have a great week and love yourselves

Drea (certifieddrea)

Creating your own happy.

So I have decided to embark on a new chapter of life, its called letting go off the past and embracing and creating my own happy. I realize that nothing hold us back more than holding on to things and people that have done us wrong. Holding on to hurt and anger does nothing to the “holder” more than causing them to walk around with a burdened spirit. Yes, i am guilty of that.

On the onset of 2016, I decided that i have had enough holding on to and its time to rid my space of negative energy as it does nothing for me. I am creating my own happy,  I am not going to pretend as if negativity wont present itself to me but I will not allow it to dive into and dwell in my system.

Creating your happy is not an overnight thing; it will take time and one has to be consistent. Its liken to any new chapter, the beginning will the most challenging but telling oneself that this is to betterment of you, will make the journey worthwhile.

What can one do to start this journey one may ask? I believe the following are some of the ingredients in creating your happiness.

-Rid your space of anything negative; this maybe in the form of friends, families and situations that cause you to be unhappy. This may be hard at first because its hard to walk away from love ones even when that are not so healthy for you. Just let go off anything that brings you any sort of sadness.

-Another thing to do which is most important is to always take time out for yourself to evaluate your situations.  Life gets hectic, some of us have families of our own,school, work and all sort of things happening at the same time which can be overwhelming. Take a few minutes once a week and evaluate yourself. This will help you to make  changes where necessary.

-Engaging in activities that you love. There is nothing that brings greater joy than doing something that you absolutely love. It doesn’t have to be anything major but it must bring  you total satisfaction. This could be going to the movies, reading a book, painting, visiting a museum or taking a trip out of town or having a night in or out with your significant other or your besties.

-Be true to yourself; this is the hallmark of happiness. Make sure that you are honest and open with yourself. This will give you a clear conscience and frame of mind to work with,this will allow you to make the best decisions in situations. Being true to yourself will allow you to choose and accept only the best for you and it will also allow for you to say to others what you are comfortable with and what is not acceptable in your space at this time.

– Have a positive mindset, in whatever you do ALWAYS think positive.

Every individual situations are different and the adjustments vary but what ever must be done to make creating this happy should be clear and precise. life is short and this is said so many times but hey its 2016, we were just in 2000. Take charge of your happiness and do whatever it takes to get you into that place.

Thanks for stopping by and may this year and the years to come put you in a place of pure bliss. We all deserve it.

love always


January 01, 2016

Welcome to 2016🙌🙌🙌. Oh my gosh, can you even believe it. Seems like just yestersay we were welcoming 2000. Well time waits on noone so lets get starting on all we want to accomplish this year.

I am not big on resolution however, i do believe in setting/having realistic goals. Things that can be done or achieve in measurable time. The world wasnt built in a day so give yourself time.

While you are working and achieving; remember to make some time for yourself, live, love, laugh and stay away from situations and people that will drain you of your health, wealth and happiness.

My wish for myself and everyone else, is a year of happiness and health beause with these we can accomplish so much.


Enjoy every moment this year has to offer, because before you know it will be over.

Love always
Drea (certifieddrea)

The year 2015

The year 2015 is almost at its end. It seems as if the time has  pass so quickly, but what a year it has been.

For many, the year was one of realizing their true potential, starting over with jobs and personal life, moving to new location and just doing things they wanted to do for years.

For me, it was realizing who i am a person. I had my share of challenges and accomplishments for which i am extremely grateful.


2015 was also about learning;
* I learnt that things do not always turn out as planned: this is life; we are not in ultimate control of the outcomes ,no matter how we execute. We have to adjust our sail and start over.

*People who are meant to be in your life will stick with you no matter the challenges you may encounter together: not every one will ride your storm with you, even when you do for the them. Get over them and go live your life.

*Never be afraid to walk away from situations that makes you feel uncomfortable: sometimes we feel obligated to be around someone because they have done so much “good” for us. Just remember we have a responsibility to take care of ourself first.


*I  learnt that no one will love me as much as i would: in order to be loved you have to love; love yourself uncontrollably.

*The world will not stop for you to get your act together: Time is changing, we have to make adjustment to meet the changing time. Making changes that will enhance who you are, so get  with the program.

* Everyone will post  pictures that they want their viewers to believe: social media nowadays is fill with make believes, so be careful not to be misled by the pictures/post.

Let 2016 be your year👌. Live, love, explore and laugh alot.

Thanks for stopping by.


Drivers Essential

While driving home the other night from work, it came to me to write this post. Not because of any personal experience, but the fact that as a female driver, we have to always be prepared.

These are just some esentials to have in our vehicles just in case the need arises especially at night.

Flashlight, my dad gave me one when i got my first car. He was telling me how handy it will come in one day. It did when one night when i had some mechanical problems.


Tool kit
This doesnt have to be a high end kit, but one that has the necessary tools to fix you on the spot until your mechanic/ service team arrive.


Mobile Phone
A  working mobile phone is a necessity;with this you can call friends or families incase of emergencies or just to update them if you are running late.



While it is not safe to walk around with large sum of money on your person, it is ok to have enough cash for emergencies. One may need money to pay for transportation to get to a safe location or home if the need arises.


What are some of the essentials you have in your vehicle?

Disclaimer: these are not the only “essential” but some of the basic to make life a bit easier when travelling.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Drea