Dots Dots, Polka Dots



Happy Thursday!! So the weekend is almost here, we all anticipate that time of week when we can do whatever we want to on our own timing.

So my post today consists of an outfit i wore to work on Monday. I had this polka dot top made by my dress maker (Tanneisia Ellis on fb) and so i decide to share it with you. its comfortable and the material made it cool and easy to wear in this kind of weather. I decide to pair it with this red pants as it creates a contrast to the two colors in the top. The jewels are minimal and consist of silver and black.

I loved the look and so did my coworkers and i hope you do as well xx

thanks for reading



One thought on “Dots Dots, Polka Dots

  1. Cute red pants! Love how you paired them with the dots. :] I have a pair of bright yellow jeans that I’m always nervous to wear around but you pulled them off great!

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