Clean skin, healthy skin

For the past few weeks,I have been using these products as part of my daily routine when cleaning my face. If one wears makeup, it is imperative that we clean our face at the end of the day. NEVER GO TO SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON!

ImageThis is a makeup wipe that I found in a store in my area.They work well in getting off all the makeup and it is soft and gentle on the skin and contains aloe vera.

I follow up with my Clean & Clear foaming cleanser, this  one is for sensitive as well as oily skin.

ImageI then follow up with a astringent 🙂

ImageAfter which I moisture. Our face is what others see when they meet us therefore, it is important that our skin is clean and healthy.

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One thought on “Clean skin, healthy skin

  1. caroline says:

    This is great. I agree it’s really important to clean your face before bed!

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