Bertinni baby (shoe game)

Hi lovelies, hope you all are keeping well. I have been under the weather and some since my last post but, I am functioning well at the moment :). 

My girlfriend surprise me  with this shoe(slipper) a few months back , i wore them once and I did not remember them until recently i was searching for something.

ImageI am so in love with them for all the right reasons; it has two bright colors that can be wore with lots of other colors, it has the right height in heels and its also one of my favorite brands of shoe, Bertinni.


As soon as I dress them up, I”ll show them to you.

Hope you all are having a great week so far and if you’re not, just keep your head up things will be better tomorrow.


love you xx



What I wore today :)



Today was one of those day when all I  wanted to do  was stay home and have lemonade or run the fan because I was too afraid to venture out because of the sun. 

However, i had to, and so i thought, i best dress as comfortable as possible to deal with the pounding heat. I love this dress ;had it for a while , its real light weight, and with spring now and the bursting colors it was perfect for my afternoon run.


I wore it with this tan Pierre Dumas sandals as I thought  the color was perfect and wouldn’t throw off or clash with the colors in the dress.


I had a great day out and was kept cool until I returned home.

How was your Sunday?

Remember, you are unique in your own way xx

Thanks for reading 

Andrea xx


Yeah!!!! So the weekend is finally here  and for those of us who have work or school for the entire week, we just look forward to the weekend where we can breathe a bit and have some “our time”.

While we enjoy the time as best we can, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the week that was and prepare for the coming week whether is mentally, financially or fashion wise. Preparation is key right.

Imagecheer me up pic

Take a bit of time and enjoy your friends/ families ,  they sometimes help in keeping us grounded. We can also learn a thing or two about whats trending or how we look and what we can do on improving us.

Get some rest, it enhances our appearance and it also help us to face the coming week. a well rest body and mind function best.

If you can or must, treat yourself to something you might have wanted to do. it doesn’t have to be expensive but, it will make you feel good afterward.

I don’t know what i will be doing tomorrow but now, I am just catching up on my bloggers and relaxing.

have a great weekend guys, much love 🙂
Andrea xx

Lady in Red

There is always that one piece of clothing you have that you have a love hate relationship with. For me, its this red dress. 




I love it as i think it does a great job of accentuating my figure (covers face) but, I cant stand he fact that when i wear it, i can be seen from a mile away. 

I wore it to work after Valentines as I was not in the mood  to wear in during the period. I had this silver and black belt that i bought sometime ago at Primark so i thought it would be nice to accessorize it with. 

ImageThat’s the lady in red being camera shy 🙂

Thanks for stopping by


Andrea xx


Tripping Sunday

Today was a big day in Jamaica as it relates to carnival 2013. After much weeks of soca fetes and j’ouvert, all the activities were culminated with the grand “road march” as we call it. Tons of revelers dressed in costumes of their choice and dance to music from.

However, for me, it was a different kind of dancing. I went to church and I had just as much if not more fun than the revelers  let me just point out. i have nothing against carnival and people having fun. I was just in a different part of the island 🙂

This is what i woreImage

The skirt is from a suit Tahari -Arthur s. Levine but, I couldn’t wear the complete suit with the heat we are experiencing. I paired it with a sleeveless top which is appropriate for church and black wheels.ImageThe wind was having a field day with my hair. In all, i had a great day.

How was your Sunday?

Andrea xx