What I wore today :)



Today was one of those day when all I  wanted to do  was stay home and have lemonade or run the fan because I was too afraid to venture out because of the sun. 

However, i had to, and so i thought, i best dress as comfortable as possible to deal with the pounding heat. I love this dress ;had it for a while , its real light weight, and with spring now and the bursting colors it was perfect for my afternoon run.


I wore it with this tan Pierre Dumas sandals as I thought  the color was perfect and wouldn’t throw off or clash with the colors in the dress.


I had a great day out and was kept cool until I returned home.

How was your Sunday?

Remember, you are unique in your own way xx

Thanks for reading 

Andrea xx


4 thoughts on “What I wore today :)

  1. Aron says:

    I like your hair. You look super cute!

  2. Ressy says:

    Beautiful, I love that burst of orange, just perfect!

  3. Ashley says:

    Love your printed dress!! Found your blog Via Kenya L Fashion Blog. Now following 🙂

    Check out my blog ASassyWoman.Com

    With Love,

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