Black dress and the weekend

So this past weekend was quite a sad one for my friends and I. It was the weekend we laid our friend to rest. However, I managed to take a few pictures before the tears started 😦ImageI bought this dress at a local store in Kingston. I love the feel of the material, its like a spandex type material so it fits real close and it felt smooth on the skin. I also love the detail( design) on the front.


ImageIt was raining so much about 5 minutes after taking these pics i had to ditch the heels for flats because it got unbearable to move around in the wet (saturated) surroundings. i showed this shoe in my last blog and i thought it would be perfect to wear with the dress and for the occasion.

Thanks for stopping by  and do have a fun and productive week xxx

Drea (certifieddrea)


5 thoughts on “Black dress and the weekend

  1. caroline says:

    A big hug goes your way!

  2. simply Jyune says:

    🙏, my condolences to you lady. I too lost a friend last week his funeral services will be this week in Jamaica, however I won’t be able to attend. I am working on my PhD, time is very limited…..yes the tears from losing a friend. You look fab as always.
    Simply Jyune🙏💃👗

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