Hi everyone, hope you all are doing ok. The summer is on us and the heat is getting the best of us, its just crazy.

Everyone is complaining, well maybe not but, its hard to complete any task or going outside without feeling the pinch of the heat.  Whether we work in an air condition office or our jobs take us outside, the heat is on.

In order to be the heat or carry on with our life in this time we must rehydrate . When the body loses fluid, we become tired, weak and doesn’t feel like carrying on.


 Water is the basis for all body fluids and an essential part of many metabolic processes. So in order to combat this heat, we have to drink a lot of water to stay fresh, feel and look good. Take it with you to work or running errands, water is needed now now than ever.


Until my next post continue staying hydrated and have a bless and fabulous week.

much love drea xx