Our moods depict alot of things, its that emotional tone or attitude that might influence where one go, what to do at a particular time, the conversation we choose to have or not have and even what we want to wear at a particular time.
I have heard many persons say they dress as to how they are feeling. They bring out the bright colors when they are happy and the “dull” when sadness or drpression surrounds.

Does your mood affect the way you dress?

I am one of those persons who is guilty of dressing to match my mood. This outfit is an example of such. Its me in a cheerful, happy place.



Orange is a power color, it also means vitality and endurance. Its also a happy  color.



One of the advantage of living in the caribbean is that the weather is our best friend as we experience sunny days most of the year. Hence, this outfit is perfect any time of the year. This denim vest is my favourite and has been around since 2000☺. Love it.

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Certifieddrea (drea)


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