Be true to who you are

Ever wonder why some people you know are so happy, content and the universe seems as if its always smiling at them. More than often, these people are just true to who they are. They are thankful, they give  to the needy and they accept their current situations while working towards a better one.

Over the Easter, on Easter Monday to be exact i went to a friend funeral. She had battled cancer for 10 years. It was  a sad occasion but we (friends) were glad we were there for her during those trying times and know she was at rest.

I took these photos afterwards when i went to visit a district for the first. I love the background



                          This asymmetrical dress gives me life.



My mom as usual, bought this dress for me. I love the material, its cool and light weight.

Be good to yourselves and be true to who you are.

Thanks for reading


One thought on “Be true to who you are

  1. Spirit says:

    May her soul find peace.

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