School Days

Whether or not you want to believe it, the summer holiday is over and in a few days schools will be in full session.
I know that in some countries outside of Jamaica schools have already started, but come next week schools here will oficially get on the way with orientation and such.
Every school year comes with high expectations. As parents, facilitators and students, we have to be focus, prepared and be ready to meet and overcome the challenges and expectations that lies ahead.


So for the new school year,whether you are in high school or university here are a few pointers to keep in mind
1. Stay focus: remember why you are in school and what you want to achieve while you are there. Work smater in achieving your goals

2. Time management: Manage your time wisely, make a plan when to study, when to submit assigments and stick to it. Figure out what strategy works best for you and use to it.

3: Classes: Be careful when choosing your subjects, make sure that are align with your career path and not just because your friends are doing it. Make sure you attend classes on a regular basis and never be afraid of going to your advisor for guidance,

All the best for the new school term.

Until next time
Love yourself and do some good