Drivers Essential

While driving home the other night from work, it came to me to write this post. Not because of any personal experience, but the fact that as a female driver, we have to always be prepared.

These are just some esentials to have in our vehicles just in case the need arises especially at night.

Flashlight, my dad gave me one when i got my first car. He was telling me how handy it will come in one day. It did when one night when i had some mechanical problems.


Tool kit
This doesnt have to be a high end kit, but one that has the necessary tools to fix you on the spot until your mechanic/ service team arrive.


Mobile Phone
A  working mobile phone is a necessity;with this you can call friends or families incase of emergencies or just to update them if you are running late.



While it is not safe to walk around with large sum of money on your person, it is ok to have enough cash for emergencies. One may need money to pay for transportation to get to a safe location or home if the need arises.


What are some of the essentials you have in your vehicle?

Disclaimer: these are not the only “essential” but some of the basic to make life a bit easier when travelling.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Drea