The year 2015

The year 2015 is almost at its end. It seems as if the time has  pass so quickly, but what a year it has been.

For many, the year was one of realizing their true potential, starting over with jobs and personal life, moving to new location and just doing things they wanted to do for years.

For me, it was realizing who i am a person. I had my share of challenges and accomplishments for which i am extremely grateful.


2015 was also about learning;
* I learnt that things do not always turn out as planned: this is life; we are not in ultimate control of the outcomes ,no matter how we execute. We have to adjust our sail and start over.

*People who are meant to be in your life will stick with you no matter the challenges you may encounter together: not every one will ride your storm with you, even when you do for the them. Get over them and go live your life.

*Never be afraid to walk away from situations that makes you feel uncomfortable: sometimes we feel obligated to be around someone because they have done so much “good” for us. Just remember we have a responsibility to take care of ourself first.


*I  learnt that no one will love me as much as i would: in order to be loved you have to love; love yourself uncontrollably.

*The world will not stop for you to get your act together: Time is changing, we have to make adjustment to meet the changing time. Making changes that will enhance who you are, so get  with the program.

* Everyone will post  pictures that they want their viewers to believe: social media nowadays is fill with make believes, so be careful not to be misled by the pictures/post.

Let 2016 be your year👌. Live, love, explore and laugh alot.

Thanks for stopping by.