Rules to a happier life

So my friends shared these with me the other day as the rules by which she lives.  She is a happy person who genuinely loves people and help out however and whenever she can. I always admire her drive and determination, and even though we live in separate countries, it never seems that way as we are constantly motivating and encouraging each other.

Rules :
1.Never hate: hate is a burden that weigh you down and steals your happiness. 

2.Don’t worry : worry brings on more stress ; take things in stride and every thing will work out eventually .

3.Expect a little: Expectation is the root of disappointment . 

4.Give  a lot: help those  who you can,  it makes you feel better and someone will always  remember your kindness. 

5.Smile always: never let your “problems” get you down.  Always wear a smile, you will brighten someones day. 

6.Live with love: there are so many negative things happening around the world today;  the best thing you can do is give love. 

7.Live simply: this is the foundation of happiness . I have seen so many people with little enjoying their life and making the most of their situation. 

8.Be thankful: we are to appreciate the Creator for all that he has afforded us,  whether it’s financially,  spiritually ,family wise or friends.  Just be thankful for all that you are blessed with. 


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