My favorite color is yellow or so I have been telling myself; I like the way it look against my skin tone and for that reason I tend to stick to that color scheme a lot. This mustard blouse my friend made for me a few years back, I do not wear it much but I love it today just as when I first got it.  I really like out it allows me to glow as well as it complements my skin perfectly. 

What’s your favorite color?  

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New Month – June 

The months are surely “speeding” by, it would appear as if  the year has just started, yet here we are in the middle of it . Now is the perfect time to evaluate and check those boxes of things we had set out to accomplish/ get done by this time. Realistically, some things might not have been done; don’t be dismay, there is still time as quitting is not an option. 



What would life be without moments and experiences shared with friends and families?  These moments are priceless and if captured well last a lifetime.

Visiting Logos hope: big ship sailing on the ocean, well not so much at this moment 🙂

football Sunday : This is one occasion that brings communities, families, friends, young and old together in support off their respective team.

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It’s the month in which I was born and as such,  it is my favorite month. It is that time of year when I reflect or put things into perspective, not that I don’t during the other months. I love this time of year because I usually just take things slow and make preparation for the next twelve months. 

This year has been pretty stressful with work and school , mostly school tho but I am not gonna complain too much because the results have been exceptional (GPA up!!).

With those stressful moments I look forward to just a few days off work to unwind and thats just  what I did.  Below are some highlights of November 2016.

As we enter December and etch closer to the finali of 2016 this is my advise to us, work assiduously at what you have started, take best care of yourself and start preparing for 2017 if it’s even mentally. 

Much love for 2016

Love Drea

Next Time Around

We make plans and never keep them, we make promises that we never fulfill. We get so busy pressing to make things happen that sometimes we forget about those around and the things that matters the most. 

We  keep saying the next time I will do this, the next time I will visit, the next time I will stay longer. What happen when you don’t get a next time .

Slow down; take a moment and enjoy life.