Next Time Around

We make plans and never keep them, we make promises that we never fulfill. We get so busy pressing to make things happen that sometimes we forget about those around and the things that matters the most. 

We  keep saying the next time I will do this, the next time I will visit, the next time I will stay longer. What happen when you don’t get a next time .

Slow down; take a moment and enjoy life.



Self Confidence

The art of trusting and believing in yourself and using your qualities to motivate you to stand out. 

It would seems that some persons are born with an aura that allows them to stand and feel good about themselves than others. They are fill with such confidence that would defy anyone who tells them them otherwise. 

There are those who have to work harder on themselves in order to be more confident in themselves.

To boost your confidence in self one has to

Never be afraid of trying, use your voice and share your opinion, never let others opinion of you conquer you, be bold, take baby steps if necessary .


Things life has taught me

The saying “the more you live, the more you learn” is so true in every sense. There are some things you just have to experience in order to fully comprehend;with  these experiences, no matter how hard they may be, they all serve there purpose. I  may also add that some experiences are quite fascinating and the ride is so much better when these experiences allow you laugh so hard or fill your heart with joy.

life has taught me :

1.Nothing last forever- no matter the situation  you face, whether is quite challenging or   depicts joy and laughter, they are all momentary and should therefore be embrace. Challenging situations make us stronger, they build us as a person, allow us to know that we can withstand challenging time and that temporary situation will never determine who you are. The happy times you share with family or friends should never be taken for granted. These are moments that may come around once in a lifetime and should therefore be cherish. Nothing last forever; we may go through certain situations for a long or short period but however you look it at, or how last it last, it never last forever.

2.There are much more good than evil in this world;evil things are always highlighted because it seems flashy and everyone wants to talk about it and with the use of social media , images and messages are easily broadcast but that does not mean that there are not tonnes of good being done. There are families out there fighting to save each other, doing everything they can to help their families and those in their surrounding. There are organizations out there helping families to empower themselves, spending millions to allow the less fortunate to stay in school or doing what they can to help communities together.

3. An education/qualification in a programme or degree does not guarantee a job in that field; I for one can attest to that. There are so many persons out there working in a field that does not match their qualification however, they are doing have they have to stay employed during these challenging times.

4.Supporting others will not dim your light or take away from who you are or what you will accomplish in life. Helping others show  how supportive and humane you are. It also gives you the drive to work harder so you can help others.

5.You owe it to yourself to love yourself unconditionally. Everyone is fighting for themselves, love who you are,sometimes it may take a while but accepting who you are is the first step in self love.

6. It is essentially important to take a break.  I call this the reset period.  Take a moment from your busy schedule and relax; this may mean spending sometime by yourself doing something you love or just hanging out with friends or loves. Resetting allows you to appreciate you, evaluate your situation and start afresh .

 These are just a few, i might do a part two situations that are more difficult but until then love yourself and stay safe.


Rules to a happier life

So my friends shared these with me the other day as the rules by which she lives.  She is a happy person who genuinely loves people and help out however and whenever she can. I always admire her drive and determination, and even though we live in separate countries, it never seems that way as we are constantly motivating and encouraging each other.

Rules :
1.Never hate: hate is a burden that weigh you down and steals your happiness. 

2.Don’t worry : worry brings on more stress ; take things in stride and every thing will work out eventually .

3.Expect a little: Expectation is the root of disappointment . 

4.Give  a lot: help those  who you can,  it makes you feel better and someone will always  remember your kindness. 

5.Smile always: never let your “problems” get you down.  Always wear a smile, you will brighten someones day. 

6.Live with love: there are so many negative things happening around the world today;  the best thing you can do is give love. 

7.Live simply: this is the foundation of happiness . I have seen so many people with little enjoying their life and making the most of their situation. 

8.Be thankful: we are to appreciate the Creator for all that he has afforded us,  whether it’s financially,  spiritually ,family wise or friends.  Just be thankful for all that you are blessed with. 

I still remember you

For some people distance means a different country, a  different city, or a new town. To others it just not connecting with someone or something the way you use to because of a reason or various reasons.


Distance doesnt mean you dont remember, but it can mean we are on a different path presently working to fullfill out desires or making a life.

Distance is giving each other space to rejuvenate.

Distance means, I am not presently in your environment .

Distance means  I am away but i still remember you.


Distance does mean different things to different people but it doesnt mean that we forget.

Love always

Black and white

Life as it is; sometimes hectic, some times calm as the ocean and on those calm day you just be mindful of what you asked for.
James 1vs 6
“But when you ask, you must believe amd not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and toss by the wind”.

Be confident in whatever you aspire to do or be, never be of doubt and always be mindful that you can achieve if you believe.





Until next time, be confident, love each other and most importantly, love yourselves.


White lace

This past weekend will always be a reminder that each day is a gift; an opportunity to be better than the day before, to live, to love and enjoy every moment with friends and families.


I am so in love with this dress, its sexy in just revealing enough skin. Its the right kind of dress for the summer days and nights.
Didnt capture any picture with heels on hence the flats.


Sadly, these pictures were taken at the funeral service of someone i knew very well. Moments like these put things into perspective; we cant control every situation even when we are trained to do so, but what we can do is choose to live an exemplary life, fulfilling our purpose and doing what we can to serve others.



Have a great week and love yourselves

Drea (certifieddrea)