It’s the month in which I was born and as such,  it is my favorite month. It is that time of year when I reflect or put things into perspective, not that I don’t during the other months. I love this time of year because I usually just take things slow and make preparation for the next twelve months. 

This year has been pretty stressful with work and school , mostly school tho but I am not gonna complain too much because the results have been exceptional (GPA up!!).

With those stressful moments I look forward to just a few days off work to unwind and thats just  what I did.  Below are some highlights of November 2016.

As we enter December and etch closer to the finali of 2016 this is my advise to us, work assiduously at what you have started, take best care of yourself and start preparing for 2017 if it’s even mentally. 

Much love for 2016

Love Drea


January 01, 2016

Welcome to 2016🙌🙌🙌. Oh my gosh, can you even believe it. Seems like just yestersay we were welcoming 2000. Well time waits on noone so lets get starting on all we want to accomplish this year.

I am not big on resolution however, i do believe in setting/having realistic goals. Things that can be done or achieve in measurable time. The world wasnt built in a day so give yourself time.

While you are working and achieving; remember to make some time for yourself, live, love, laugh and stay away from situations and people that will drain you of your health, wealth and happiness.

My wish for myself and everyone else, is a year of happiness and health beause with these we can accomplish so much.


Enjoy every moment this year has to offer, because before you know it will be over.

Love always
Drea (certifieddrea)