A day in Portland, Jamaica. 

The past weekend I gather up some of my best friends and we took a trip into Portland, Jamaica of course.  With no specific destination in mind; we travel along hoping to choose one of the many beautiful beaches the parish has to offer and relax for the day. Portland is just one of those scenenic and beautiful parish in Jamaica that you just can’t get enough off. 

We ended up visiting three places ; we stopped at the Winnifred Beach, Sea Cliff Resort /Cliff Hanger and the famous Reach Falls.  The day was perfect;  the weather was great, the sea was calm and most of all, everyone enjoyed themselves .

        Winnifred Beach

A bit difficult to get because of the road due to the recent rains, but once we got there we forget about the bad road. 

         Cliff Hanger Resort

Quintessential, this is just one word to describe this spot. This is my second time here, the place is quiet, the staff is lovely and the service was great. 

            Reach Falll

Breathtakingly beautiful, nature is it’s purest form. 

Us all

Learning to appreciate and enjoy the beautiful places in your country is everything. 

Until next time ,much love




With the sweltering heat of this summer, i am sure that no matter where you are located you could sure enjoy any of the following.


The gushing water from this fall or any waterfall is a must for cooling down.
Location: St. Thomas, Jamaica


The perfect spot to hang out this a good book or the perfect group of friends. Cool and calm
Location: St. Thomas, Jamaica


The beach is always the place that almost everyone look forward to especially on a hot summer day.
Location: Ochio Rios, Jamaica


Noone can ignore a cold drink on a hot day/night. Drink of your choice with lots of ice, perfect.


With the blistering heat and gusty wind, one has to ensure that they have the perfect pair of shades.