Cheers to New Beginning

Well maybe you have heard or seen it a thousand times already However, I will not hesitate to say it again ; Happy New Year!!! Cheers to new beginning.

However you viewed 2013, we are here in 2014 because of  God’s undying love for us, for which we should be eternally grateful. Our committed and devoted followers and subscribers who support and comfort us when we feel like giving up, and the love we have for writing and sharing our daily journey and styles.

With the new year upon us, we should have already set our goals and be ready to put in the work in order to achieve these. I wish for everyone that reads this post all the best for the year along with peace and joy.

As you work, be mindful that there will be test/obstacles; we are going to use these as stepping stones and as lessons for future references.

I will write as often as i can and again, cheers to new beginning


Thanks for stopping by

Andrea (certifieddrea)